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MC Server *Updated*

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MC Server *Updated*
« on: July 25, 2018, 10:17:22 pm »
So, some of us daily minecraft player might already noticed that minecraft java edition had been updated to 1.13, however our server (and most other) is still running 1.12.2
MSPC will still be using 1.12.2 even though spigot 1.3 is already released, why ?
the current spigot build is still in development build 0.1, which by itself isnt a big problem
however since 1.13 introduced a lot of new features & changes, there will be plugins that are bugged or worse, not supported
and unfortunately most of our important plugins will be broken by this update.

to prevent unwanted scenarios, MSPC will be running on version 1.12.2 until further notice

thank you very much for your cooperation & understanding

*Update* 03/09/2018

Just today i have updated the minecraft server, couple of plugins are unavailable & unfortunately inventories and factions and its claimed lands are reset.

list of disabled plugins:
World Edit
Mcore factions 2 (replaced with factions one)
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